When most people think of carpeting, they think about nice carpeting at home that they don’t mind walking barefoot on. But commercial carpet is very, very different from home carpeting, so much so that the average office employee probably doesn’t even think of it as carpeting.

Because office carpeting is so different, it requires a different type of cleaning as well. Yes, it’s tougher than your average home carpet because it has to hold up to so much more traffic, but that same traffic is bringing more dirt and grime with it. That’s where office carpet cleaning comes in, and Unsullied Industries can make it happen.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning From Unsullied

Your employees are too busy thinking about work to worry about the carpet underfoot. So when they spill coffee on it or drop some of their lunch on it, they usually don’t give it more than a cursory clean up (if they even do that). Lunchrooms and coffee stations are the worst areas, but you’re certain to find quite the mess under certain employee’s desks.

After a while, even tough carpet can start to look pretty bad. That’s why you should have a commercial carpet cleaning company come in to make it look good again. And what better company than one that already knows your office, the same one that’s taking care of your office cleaning services: Unsullied Industries. By giving your carpets a thorough deep-clean, your office will look better, smell better, and be healthier for your employees.

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