We don’t have to tell you that offices get dirty. Coffee stations get messy, bathrooms need cleaning, and trash cans need emptying. People track in dust and dirt, water and leaves. They drop crumbs on the floor when birthday cake is brought in barely bat an eye when their handful of pumpkin seeds doesn’t quite make it to their mouths. After all, someone else will clean it up, right?

You have more important things to deal with your time than worrying about pulling out the vacuum every night and cleaning up someone else’s mess. And you want an office that not only looks good, but smells good as well. One where the surfaces are disinfected so that your employees stay healthier. What can be done?

We’ll Provide Your Office Cleaning Services

When you need commercial janitorial services in Portland, Unsullied Industries is ready to help. We can tackle anything you need when it comes to office cleaning. We’ll handle the basics with aplomb, cleaning up the daily messes that occur around the office. We’ll take out the trash, clean up and workspaces, and vacuum as often as you need us to.

But those aren’t the only corporate cleaning services Unsullied Services supplies. We also take care of those once-in-a-while janitorial services, such as commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. Need window washing and air duct cleaning? No problem! And if you remodel or build onto your current building, we can take care of the post-construction cleaning as well. There’s really nothing we can’t do.

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Unsullied Industries can get you Portland office looking great, no matter how often you need our commercial cleaning services. We’ll deliver the clean you want at the price you’re looking for. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!